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Increase Engagement

It's so incredibly easy to catch and throw a Fluffilo, they're simply impossible to resist! Everyone can play and have fun together regardless of age or ability. You can't keep kids off the field when you enter the fun, colorful, wonderful world of FuzzleBalls!

Build Confidence and Increase Self-Esteem

FuzzleBalls have been scientifically engineered

and field tested to get the thread count (fluffiness) with the exact right density to ensure that they: 

  1. don't hurt if you get hit in the face or fingers

  2. won't roll away if you miss your catch so that you can actually spend your time playing catch instead of chasing after the ball.

  3. easy to catch and easy to throw cuz the density allows little fingers to grab on!

  4. Oh - and did we mention they don't hurt? Ever noticed that no matter how many times you say "don't hit anyone in the face" someone always gets hit in the face? No more worries!!


The result? Confidence soars! 

Eliminate Embarrassment and Intimidation 

We don't talk about it much, but the fear factor in PE, recreation, and sports is the real reason for lack of participation. Fear of getting embarrassed or humiliated is an ever-present reality.


The solution is simple. Just add Fluffilos. 

Increased Confidence = Improved Skill and Success

When you have the right tools, the job is a breeze. 

By simply adding Fluffilos to the game, players are able to catch and throw with ease. When they are having fun and feeling confident, enthusiastic practice time ensues. Building confidence with Fluffilos is a great bridge for learning new games and preparing players for the next level. 

The Fluffilo Poem

If ever you are feeling low

Just pick up a Fluffilo!

Anytime, anywhere,

Indoors, outdoors - grab a pair!

Easy to throw, easy to catch,

Pick up just one or get a whole batch!


Play tag, play ball, 

Play anything at ALL!

Get 'em as dirty as you dare, 

Then toss 'em in the laundry with your underwear!

At home, at work, at school, or at play,

FUN is just a Fluffilo away!

Order YOURS today! 

Empower Fun for a Lifetime of Physical Activity

Our goal should be to inspire our players to pursue an active lifestyle - not only now, but for the rest of their lives. The key is finding JOY in movement! 

You provide the fun, and they'll discover the JOY of PLAY! 

It couldn't be any simpler. Find thousands of ready-to-teach, easy-to-play, no-prep-needed games and activities from sports to non-traditional FLuffilo games at your fingertips at Tandalay. Join the WOLF PAC (WorkOut For Life Physical Activity Club) to get games delivered straight to your inbox!

Check it out! 

Fluffilos = FUN!


Play the RAINBOW!

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