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Join the Tandalay PLAY Physical Activity Club

By joining the Tandalay PAC you become part of a family that supports YOUR SUCCESS!

Unbelievably Comprehensive.

Delightfully Simple.

Ready to be more inspirational? 
More organized with less effort? 
More effective with less stress? 


Have you ever wished that you could come up with fun new games to play on the fly? Have you wished that you didn't need a whole bunch of equipment to take your group of kids outside to play? Have you wished that you could find a way to get everyone of every ability and size and shape and fitness level to play together and have a great time? Have you wished that you could inspire kids to move more, to laugh more, to play harder, and to have more fun? 

Now you can have it all.

Membership includes:

  • ALL-ACCESS PASS for the complete Tandalay Curriculum website! Featuring thousands of games and activities, hundreds of daily lesson plans, and 16 units for each developmental level k-2; 3-5; and 6-8! Learn more...

  • Complimentary access to MyPEscore standards-assessment tool with multiple class rosters included

  • Weekly Tandalay Newsletter with 5 Easy-to-teach, easy-to-play games/activities sent straight to your email, along with teaching tips and strategies in your INBOX at the beginning of each week. (Sept - May)

  • Membership in the Tandalay Physical Activity Club Private Facebook Group (active Sept - May)

Support and Resources to Help You Stay on Top of Your Game

We know that physical activity is so very important for healthy happy living, but many people are at a loss for fun games to play. The Tandalay PAC (Physical Activity Club) is all about providing weekly inspiration along with the resources you need to make physical activity fun and exciting all year long. It's always nice to have support along the way. With your Physical Activity Club membership, you not only get an ALL-ACCESS PASS to thousands of online games and activities by Tandalay, but you gain access to our exclusive Tandalay PAC Facebook group where you can ask questions, share victories, and learn from others. With fresh and exciting games delivered straight to your inbox, it's never been easier to provide fun, exciting, rewarding ways to play every day! 

Join the Tandalay

Physical Activity Club


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