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The challenges are many...

The solution is extraordinarily simple.

Thousands of tried and true confidence-building games galore because

the WAY we PLAY matters!


Now, more than ever, staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight are critical to avoiding lifestyle diseases and lessening the severity of viruses such as COVID 19. Schools are returning to campus people are finally able to get back at it.
It's (finally) TIME!  
Time to bring back the LOVE of PLAY with engaging, rewarding, super-fun games and activities!

We ALL need more opportunities to laugh, play, run, and ENJOY being physically active.
YOU can make a difference in your community and make money doing what you love when you tap into the amazing programs and resources from Tandalay PLAY.  

The sky is the limit - you can start your own Sports & Rec Clubs, ​be a coach for after school programs, provide Team-Building Events for corporations, start your own Birthday Party business, run your church's youth group activities, and so much more! You'll have the tools and resources to get as creative as you want to be!

Teach PE? This is the ONLY turn-key, standards-based activity program of it's kind.
The kind where we do all the "unpacking" and planning for you so that YOU can ENJOY your job: Helping kids LOVE to PLAY!

How Do YOU Want to Start Changing Lives? 


Enjoy Coaching MORE than you EVER thought possible when you...

Attend an Interactive Online Tandalay Training to Learn the Secrets of Coaching Stress-Free PE, PA, and Sports & Rec

Unlock the magic to stress-free coaching success with this practical hands-on workshop where you'll learn tips and tricks that make leading physical activity a breeze. You'll learn behavior management strategies, the secrets to helping every player build their confidence and feel successful, AND you'll receive all of the tools and lessons you need so that you can spend your time PLAYING instead of PLANNING! 

After this workshop your only question will be "now what am I going to do with all of my extra time?" 🤗

kids seated train.jpg

Invite community members, parents, teachers, and volunteers when you...

Host a Tandalay Training at Your School to Increase Physical Activity During PE, Recess, and Before & After School

Have you ever wondered how to increase opportunities for physical activity on your school campus without breaking the budget? Do you have parents and volunteers from your community who would love to help?

When you host a Tandalay Training at your school, not only will your teachers benefit from the fun and games, but you can invite friends and family as well! Y'all will learn how to keep ALL kids engaged and having fun while also keeping them in line (literally), paying attention, and WANTING to PLAY! 


Promote Healthy Living for kids and adults in your community when you...

Support Increased Physical Activity at Your Local School with the Coaches on Campus Empowerment Program!

Coaches on Campus is a program developed by the National Association for Physical Activity to help connect Corporate Sponsors with their local schools in order to help schools offer community fitness classes, provide PA Coaches during recess and after school, or to provide assistant coaches during PE. Each program is designed based on the school's needs and priorities. NAPA helps to evaluate community needs and coordinate trainings with the goal of creating sponsor-supported paid positions for local community leaders. 


Have a Blast Celebrating the JOY of PLAY for all ages when you...

Make EVERY Day a FUZZLE Day! 

Start Your Own Team-Building or Birthday Party Business!  

What's a FuzzleDay? Any day when you're ready to CELEBRATE and reward yourself with fun Fluffilo games and a really good time! If you're a Party Person and you LOVE getting people together to laugh and play, this is the perfect opportunity for you to turn that passion into your new business! 

Tandalay Team-Building Events are perfect for corporations coming back to the office after COVID. FuzzleDays bring people together with an easy light-hearted approach that makes it fun for EVERYONE! 


Help Kids of ALL Shapes, Sizes, and Ability Levels LOVE to Move when you...

Get all of the Tools and Support You Need to Start Your Own Sports and Recreation Clubs! 

Have you always loved being active and you're ready to share your love of movement in a way that helps EVERY kid LOVE being active too? Have you ever wished ALL kids could have a fun club to belong to - even if they weren't athletically inclined or super coordinated? WHAT IF they could join a PLAY Club or a GRIT Club where the focus was on helping every player build skills and confidence so that they could ENJOY being physically active for the rest of their lives?  

YUP. YOU can Coach those Clubs after you attend our Online Training!


Watch with Delight when your Players Experience the JOY of Fluffilos!

Take the Fear and Intimidation out of Physical Activity INSTANTLY with FLUFFILOS!

Have you ever noticed that kids are always trying to get OUT of PE? Ever stopped to wonder why? FEAR. Fear of embarrassment, intimidation, or injury. They simply don't want to feel stupid, get made fun of, or get hurt. 

Fixing fear is as easy as changing ONE THING: the equipment you're playing with. Play with Fluffilos instead of hard balls and viola! Problems solved. Fluffilos are easy to catch, easy to throw, don't get hurt when you get hit, and they don't roll away when you miss your catch. Kids love them!

Simple. Fun. Game-Changer! 

Unbelievably Comprehensive.

Delightfully Simple.


WINNING! With a complete program that gives you extra time and less prep by providing complete PE lesson plans that are fun, easy to learn, and ultra quick to setup. Less work = more time for YOU and more time to PLAY!


WINNING! Students get to enjoy a fun, engaging PE games that lead to a more active, successful life! Fun, rewarding PE today = active, healthy life tomorrow! 



Tap into a proven, standards-based, turn-key PE game system created to take the stress out of teaching quality PE, recreation and sports with no fuss, no muss, no mess, and NO STRESS! Win-Win!! 

Simplify your life today.

You deserve a break.

And your kids will LOVE playing awesome games that build their skills and CONFIDENCE! 

Sign Me UP!

All Access Pass $10/mo

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