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FREE G.R.I.T. Game-Day Workout! 

Come experience the excitement for yourself for FREE! 

See what the hype is all about from 9-10:30 on Saturday March 14. 

Wear your play-clothes and be ready for some fun times and light-hearted competition!   Download PDF

Saturday March 14 from 9-5

and Sunday March 15 from 9-3


Certification Workshop

Reserve Your Spot HERE

*2-Day Training Workshop



Fresno State Student Recreation Center

* Must attend both days to complete certification

*Location subject to change

Build Their Confidence while you Build Your Business



NAPA Sports and Recreation Training Courses teach you how to effectively coach children and youth through a hands-on approach with emphasis on the principles of quality physical activity so that you can lead purposeful games and activities where every player is involved, feels successful, builds skills and confidence, and becomes healthier and more fit while developing character and leadership qualities. Expand your services so that you can offer quality programs, coach with ease and aplomb, and increase your income while doing what you love. 

Unless otherwise specified, NAPA does not mandate that a participant in a NAPA Instructor Training Course have a professional certification or license. It is the responsibility of the individual to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory, tax, fitness or education requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach NoWalls® classes according to the laws and regulations where they conduct business or teach, or any requirements mandated by their employer. The licenses available to you once you have attended an Instructor Training Course depend upon your compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

What's in it for me? 


  • GRIT Game Day Workout

  • Principles of Quality Teamplay

  • Procedures for Successful Coaching

  • Self Evaluation Strategies

  • Equipment and Field Set-Up

  • Quick Fair and Fun Ways to Form Teams

  • Behavior Management Techniques

  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

  • Positive Behavior Reinforcement

  • Games Galore and so much more!


  • Review of Principles and Requirements

  • Hands-On Coaching in Small Groups

  • Practical Coaching Evaluation

  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities

  • How to Impact your Community

  • Licensing Opportunties

  • Taking it to the Next Level

  • Start Your Own Business Toolkit

For more information email

People are Talking...

"This training was very beneficial. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a future in teaching or coaching. It changes your perspective." ~ Jose Quinonez. 

 I believe the things we learned, like the principles of honesty, teamwork, effort, and respect, are important to implement into the lives of youth so that they value physical activity for the rest of their lives while also learning core values." ~ Victor Diaz 

"This workshop made me rethink the way P.E. is being taught and gave me a good jump start on my career." ~Haleigh Botello

"Learning to 'play' has been a challenge for most parents today. I'm so glad this program offers practical games for all to participate. I found the positive reinforcement and dealing with some of the emotions of a child most helpful. Each step and teaching process was thorough. An easy useful program I can use to help my community." ~Priscilla Moreno

"This program gives people the tools to create a fun, safe, educational, and physically active environment for children to participate in." ~Brooke Holcombe

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