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We take your health and fitness seriously and understand that for most people, fitness and healthy living habits can feel like an expedition into the unknown.

Go from Couch to CONFIDENT:

  • Become the Master of your own HEALTH and FITNESS;

  • CRUSH those health numbers; and

  • Get in the BEST shape of your LIFE!


Workouts don't have to be tedious or painful to be effective and prevent disease, and you don't have to give up all of the foods you love to get your health and weight under control.

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Protect yourself from COVID and PREVENTABLE chronic diseases like Diabetes and Heart Disease by getting physically active!

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  • NUTRITION: learn to enjoy eating healthier without giving up the foods you love!

  • COPING WITH STRESS: learn new strategies to deal with stress and nurture your spirit & mental health 

  • BABY STEPS: set small new attainable goals every week for a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION that STICKS! 

The X4 At-Home
Workout Adventure Formats

 - - - PHASE ONE - - -

The LIVE HEALTHY workouts EASE you into exercise with 10-15 minute workouts of light to moderate intensity, gradually increasing in duration and intensity to an average of 30 minutes per workout by the end of phase one.
without having to do any burpees, get up and down off the floor, do fancy dance moves, or keep up with fast complicated footwork. Get your health back and LOVE every step of your journey! 

Looking to lose weight? These workouts are GREAT for EVERY BODY and they might be the PERFECT workouts for you to continue with to maintain your health long-term. Remember you can revisit these workouts ANYTIME with your LIFETIME ACCESS!

Onesie Workouts & Chairio!

We get started in our pajamas from our favorite easy-chair! Our goal is to start moving and activate some of those muscles that haven't been engaged lately and discover how good it feel to move! Chairio workouts use a chair as a prop to sit on, balance with, or get up and down out of. 

beach workout.jpg

FlowMotion is a NoWalls exclusive, and the only workout of it's kind. We'll include some FlowMotion workouts in every HUNDY. FlowMotion is a smooth and strong cardio workout to a slower tempo, renewing music, and a focus on full-body strengthening through lengthening and full range of motion leg work. 

Dance Fitness
Walk It Off

A super fun low-impact cardio workout that is easy to follow and set to 133 beats per minute to approximately match the number of steps in a mile. If you're looking to get your heart healthy, burn those calories, and get those steps counted this is the workout for YOU! 

fitness girl dumbbell.png
Intro to Resistance Training

Resistance training with dumbbells with a focus on proper form and technique for maximum results. Learn which moves build and tone which muscles so that you can sculpt a lean, balanced, ripped and toned body!  

Stair Aerobics

Do this workout with or without a step, depending on your fitness needs. The intensity will increase with the number of inches you add, so if your step is too high, you can go slower or do some moves off of the stair. The moves are designed specifically to make sure you can do them on any stair anywhere!

 - - - PHASE TWO - - -
The LIVE FIT Workouts

You'll start the LIVE FIT phase with a little review and some of the workouts from the LIVE HEALTHY phase, and then progress to harder faster workouts that start at about 30 minutes and will build to about 45-minute workouts with these fun new workout formats! 

Looking to lose weight? As you get stronger, you'll be able to burn even more calories per workout and as you build muscle you'll be boosting your health, your immunity, and your METABOLISM!  


High Intensity Interval Training or Moderate Intensity Interval Sets. YOU CHOOSE your own intensity and tempo. These workouts use functional fitness and body weight to get an awesome combination of CARDIO and RESISTANCE training in ONE total-body calorie-blasting workout. 

Fresno fitness festival.png
Sculpt and Tone (aka Body Boost)

This workout uses dumbbells to help you build, strengthen, and tone those muscles for a lean physique that ripples with gorgeous muscle definition! You'll get a great workout while you practice proper form and technique that will serve you well when we start working out at a faster tempo in the next HUNDY!

Old School Cardio

Easy to follow mixed impact cardio intervals to a faster tempo make the time fly with this super fun workout style. Combine the moves into a short routine at the end for your reward! Sweat it out - old school style!

Fitness Studio
Guts & Butts

Everyone wants a firmer fanny and toned tummy. You'll learn proper form for your abdominal work and learn tons of moves to work those glutes with these fun and challenging workouts!

Fitness on Yoga Mat

 - - - PHASE THREE - - -

In this Live Your Power phase, you'll enjoy a variety of workout styles from both the LIVE HEALTHY and LIVE FIT phases PLUS add a few NEW and EXCITING formats! Your workouts will get longer and harder to help you burn more calories and continue getting stronger and leaner - with sessions that start at about 45 minutes and get you to about 60-minute workouts by the end of your Adventure. 

You will be in the shape of your life if you complete all of these workouts as they're laid out - and you'll have a GREAT TIME getting there when you COMMIT.

This final phase of your EXPEDITION and you will reach your personal summit TRANSFORMED into a FIERCE, CONFIDENT, MIGHTY WARRIOR ready to take on the WORLD. 

aerobics 80s.png
Retro Aerobics

Mixed impact cardio with set choreography that goes with the music. Super fun and high energy for a great heart-pumping cardio workout just like in the old days! You'll be smiling and sweating your way through these fun songs!

Fresno fitness festival.png
TABATA with Weights (aka ROCK HARD)

Get some intervals going with weights mixed with POWER cardio sets for a FULL BODY BLAST that is quick and fun and effective. This is one of those workouts you'll come back to over and over again cuzza the fast and effective workout style!

Cardio Kickboxing

An absolute favorite! You'll first learn proper form and technique on your punches and kicks so that you can get the most out of your workouts. Then you'll get to do some interval style kickboxing and some longer cardio kickboxing sessions. Get tough baby - and punch and kick out that stress!!

jumping jacks.jpg
CIRCUIT-STYLE Cardio + Conditioning

The ultimate in achieving a total body workout in the shortest amount of time! Now that you're a master of form and technique you can start adding speed and power to the mix to get a super fast super effective workout in no time!

Why do it the HARD WAY when you can do it the X4health WAY?
Work Smarter. Not Harder.

P.S. On a scale from 1=Resting to 10=CROSSFIT, our X4health workouts range from 4-7. We'll get you READY for CrossFit, but we aren't going there! #NOBURPEES!

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