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Healthy Happy Family

Tired of trying to motivate everyone around you to be healthier only to have them give you a hard time about it? Let us help you motivate your friends and family. When you're all working hard to earn points and badges it makes it easier to live active, eat healthy, and make better choices!

Be A Healthy Living Ambassador

Inspire people around you to live healthier and happier lives! When people join your tribe you become their Fitness Mentor and Coach. It isn't just about being a leader in exercise, but it's about being a leader in life. People need encouragement and support. Why can't YOU be the person to inspire them, build their confidence, and help them to live a longer more fulfilling life? 

Be a Tribe Leader 

Be a TRIBE LEADER and inspire your own tribe! As a Tribe Leader, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • your own Tribe Leader website page where you can promote your classes, products, and services

  • free updates to your web page monthly

  • add value for existing clients

  • build your membership base and community

  • insight and motivation to keep your clients on track and assess their progress - great way to connect with people on a deeper level

  • The ability to check on your team-members' progress and scores so that you can motivate them in the areas they need the most help

When you join up with TRIBES you enter a whole new world of success for your clients, friends, and family. All of your tribe members receive: 

  • INSPIRATION: Daily inspirational emails: The Daily PEP Talk

  • GAME PLAY!! They are players on YOUR TEAM, competing with the other teams in the community (or just each other) for prizes and status! Our exclusive My Lifestyle Tracker helps your clients stay motivated and on track by earning points and badges for 8 different research-proven categories. 

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: You can see your clients' Lifestyle scores so you can help them in areas where they need to improve. Motivate your tribe as they work together to compete against other tribes for position on the Leader Board!

  • CONNECTIVITY: To be successful, people need to feel validated, accepted, welcomed, and connected with friendship and support. When you join as a Tribe Leader or member, you are invited to our private FaceBook group to connect on a deeper level. 

Tribe members register for YOUR team. We take care of their online experience, and YOU become their fitness and health mentor and coach. Every body wins! Why not get started today? 

Yes! I'm in - send me the application!

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