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Become a Licensed NoWalls

Fitness Instructor

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Make more money training clients, small groups, and large classes when you learn the fundamentals of...

NoWalls' Exclusive


Fundamentals of BodyWeight Exercise and Training with Hand-Held Weights 

This workshop is for YOU if you want to be able to lead fitness workouts in a club or in your community. You'll learn everything you need to know to be able to DELIVER effective, balanced, full-body, professional muscular conditioning workouts in various settings with multiple formats. PLUS you'll get tips and tools to start marketing your new skills immediately. You'll even be able to start your own business utilizing NoWalls' exclusive workout formats. If you want to help your clients have fun getting fast RESULTS, these workshops will show you how. 


NoWalls Fitness Provides Specialty Trainings for: 

  • Body-Blitz: Bodyweight Exercise Form & Technique 

  • Rock Hard: Resistance Training with Hand Weights 

  • PowerPlay: Sports and Athletic Conditioning

  • Interval Workout Formats and Design: HIIT, Tabata, Circuits, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 workouts. Learn how to format your classes for maximum results, intensity, and enjoyment. You'll discover exciting workout format varieties to keep your clients engaged and pumped up for more!  

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Make more money teaching fitness classes when you learn the basic techniques for leading... 

NoWalls' Exclusive


Moves and More Moves for Keeping Cardio Training Fun and Interesting! 

Cardiovascular Fitness is so much fun and so essential to overall health, well-being, and maintaining a healthy weight. This workshop is for YOU if you LOVE cardio (or at least recognize the importance of cardio and WANT to love it) and want to learn how to format, plan, and teach super fun cardio classes that keep your clients and students excited to come back for more! You'll learn how to choreograph routines, how to incorporate intervals, and how to create workouts that make every participant feel confident and successful with their workout experience. 

NoWalls Fitness Provides Specialty Trainings for: 

  • FlowMotion: Format Exclusive to SoulShine ☀️

  • Old School Dance Cardio: Mixed impact 

  • Walk It Off: Low Impact Indoor Walking Workouts

  • Kickin' It: Cardio Kickboxing Workouts

BONUS: Learn how to structure your workouts so that every participant, regardless of fitness level, gets maximum results and leaves feeling confident and empowered to tackle their day. 

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