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"Your School" has added 30 additional
hours of Physical Activity to our campus to increase the health and happiness of kids and community. 


Add extra hours of Physical Activity to your educational or business site and earn recognition for being a Lifestyle Enrichment Campus!

  • GOLD = 30 hours / week

  • SILVER = 20 hours / week

  • BRONZE = 10 hours / week 

So many ways to play!

  • Add before and after school community fitness classes. 

  • Add Brain-Body Boosters to classrooms with 5-minute activity bursts between subjects. (Booster-Shots)

  • Add intramurals or organized games during lunch and/or recess. 

  • Add after-school recreation leagues with non-traditional games. 

  • Add Diabetes Education and Prevention classes one day per week. 

  • Increase the quality and quantity of PE time. 

  • Incorporate FUN physically active enrichment opportunities as an intervention and prevention strategy. 

  • Implement the WOLF PAC WorkOut For Life Physical Activity Club. (sub your mascot for WOLF. For example the Eagle PAC)

Looking for an easy way to make this happen? Host or attend a NAforPA Enrichment Workshop in your area. Workshops are from 9am - 4pm and include hands-on instruction and implementation strategies and tools for all of the above recommendations. 

If you would like more information about hosting a workshop, becoming an Enrichment Campus, or becoming a Certified Enrichment Trainer in your area, please contact us with the form below: 

Success! Message received.

Certification Courses

  • ACTIVIST: Physical Activity Specialist - 5 hours

    • Primary Certification required prerequisite for all other certifications​

    • Volunteer as a Physical Activity Leader on any campus, church, or business

    • Start your own free workout or activity group

    • Online course

  • REC TECH: Recreation Games & Leadership - 8 hours

    • License to lead NoWalls Rec Programs​

    • NoWalls Rec for kids and/or adult recreation leagues

    • Non-traditional games and activities

    • Hands-On Play certification workshop

    • On site Course

  • COACH: Sports & Principles of Coaching - 8 hours

    • License to ​coach NoWalls Sports Programs

    • Traditional Sports with non-traditional approach

    • Geared for EVERY player - not only for the college-scholarship-bound rich kid

    • Prerequisite - online coaching course from Human Kinetics

  • TRAINER: Fitness for Health - 8 hours on site + 8 hours teaching time

    • License to run NoWalls Gym​ Workouts

    • Includes workout formats for 12 different classes including circuits, bootcamps, cardio  conditioning, and more

  • CONSULTANT: Nutrition & Power Living

    • License to teach Power Living courses​

    • Power Living courses are Mind/Body/Spirit workbooks 

    • Use as school course, small group course, or educational workshop

  • SPECIALIST: Physical Education Specialist

    • License to run Tandalay PLAY Kids Programs

    • Prerequisites: ALL OTHER CERTIFICTIONS

    • Automatically granted upon completion of all other NAPA courses

  • STRATEGIST: Behavior Managment Strategist

    • Tools and strategies for effective group management​

    • Put an arsonal of positive reinforcement stategies to work for you

    • Learn how to teach responsibility through consequences rather than discipline through punishment 

  • FACILITATOR: Recess and Intervention 

    • Intervention techniques to utilize the benefits of physical activity to increase attendance, decrease negative behaviors, and improve academic and personal success​

    • Learn how to facilitate respect and restoration through HARMONEE

  • PROVIDER: Diabetes Education and Prevention

    • Certificate to lead CDC approved Diabetes Education and Prevention classes​

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