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NoWalls Fitness & Health 

Get HEALTHY so you can ENJOY your SUMMER!

This is YOUR YEAR! 

Being sedentary is the "new smoking" because it is so incredibly unhealthy for our bodies.


With NoWalls workouts in the park you can WORKOUT IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE. "No Pain, ALL GAIN!" 

Our focus is on body-friendly exercise for HEALTH and having a FUN time with FUN PEOPLE!

It's a whole new take on fitness training - and you're going to love how simple and effective it is...

Even if you haven't worked out in awhile - or ever! 

We'll help you feel good about your workouts and get your HEALTH and CONFIDENCE stronger with every session! 

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    Book Your Spot for Your FIRST Complimentary Workout!
    Valid for one month
    • FREE Workout of Your Choice! (excludes 9am)
    • Choose from Any of our Exclusive Workout Formats
    • You're Invited to Bring a Friend
    • Bring a Smile, Your Water & Wear Supportive Shoes
    • Be Ready to Have Fun, Feel Welcomed, and get your Sweat On!
  • Drop-In Class Pass

    Get your Pass and Come to Class! Can't wait to see you there!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Good for any workout on any day!

    Every month
    Regular Rate $159/month. Take advantage of this amazing offer while you can!
    • Unlimited Workouts! WootWoot!

    Every month
    • Unlimited Health-Fitness Classes
  • VIP Monthly

    Every month
    Only $39 a month for trainer-directed personalized training
    • Unlimited Body-Friendly Fitness Classes
    • LOWER Your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol
    • Get Your Confidence Back and Feel AMAZING!
    • ALL of the FUN workouts, NONE of the PAIN!
  • Special Arrangement

    Select this option only AFTER speaking with your Trainer
    Free Plan
  • NoWalls VIP

    Every 4 weeks
    Exclusive Personalized Trainer-Led Workouts for only $59/week PLUS Accountability & PowerLiving 101
    • A Variety of Formats for Maximum Cross-Training Benefits
    • Mix of HIIT, Cardio, Circuit, and Weight Workouts
    • Weekly Schedule Developed for Balance, RESULTS and Recovery
    • Fun, Friendly, Safe and Effective Exercise
    • Confidence-Building, No-Burpee Fitness for Every Body!

    Every year
    Perfect for anyone ready to live healthier and happier by taking control of their healthy lifestyle
    • Unlimited Workout Classes
    • Support and Camaraderie
    • Accountability and Motivation
    • Nutritional Tips, Tricks, and Strategies
    • Healthy Eating App with Recipes and Shopping Lists
    • Get 4 months FREE with this plan!!
    • No recurring payments
  • Personal Training 10 Session Pack

    🌟 Buy 10 and SAVE 🎉 10 Personal Training Sessions. Single Session = $65
    Valid for 3 months
    • Personal Training / Weight Loss Coaching
  • FREE Health-Fitness Consultation

    Book your FREE Health-Fitness Consultation today!
    Valid for 3 months
    • 6-Week VIP

      This 6-Week Program Delves Deep into Healthy Living so You can Live Your Best Life Now!
      Valid for 6 weeks
      • 6 MONTHS

        Every 6 months
        Accountability, Weight Management, and Lifestyle Change Journey
        • Unlimited Workouts
        • Monthly Weigh-ins, Measurements, and Fitness Testing
        • Meetings with your Accountability Coach 2x per month
        • Comprehensive Power Living Course for Lasting Habit Change
        • Personalized Nutritional Plans
        • Support Network with Friendly People!!
      • 1 YEAR

        Every year
        All the things!
        • 6 Week TRANSFORMATION + Premiere VIP

          Every 4 weeks
          +$499 6-Week Transformation
          Just $499 for TRANSFORMATION and only $39/wk to keep it going!
           42 day free trial
          • Unlimited VIP

            Every 4 weeks
            Unlimited Workouts Every Month for Max RESULTS!

            It is more important than ever to take control of your health and keep your immune system STRONG! 

            Maintaining a healthy weight and staying physically active are the BEST ways to protect yourself from COVID and from preventable chronic disease - like heart disease and T2 diabetes. 

            If you've given up on exercise because it's too tedious or frustrating or miserable, it's time to try something DIFFERENT! 

            It's time to exercise IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE!
            NoWalls and ExforHealth provide body-positive, age-positive, HEALTH-focused workouts that make exercise ENJOYABLE! 

            Give it a try! The weekly schedule is carefully crafted to provide you with a total fitness experience that includes cardio, muscular conditioning, and target training so that you can burn a ton of calories, strengthen your heart and bones, improve your health numbers, make new like-minded friends and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH for good! 

            Fun Workouts with FUN PEOPLE! 

            Carefully Crafted Workouts for MAXIMUM Results in Minimal Time.
            Improve your health, lose weight and feel GREAT while staying

            Why train the HARD way when you can do it the NoWalls WAY?

            IMG_7184 2.jpg

            Get HEALTHY from the Inside-Out with our No-Pain, ALL GAIN approach

            If you're ready to take back control of your HEALTH these body-friendly workouts are for YOU!! We are a body-positive, age-positive, super friendly group who love you just the way you are! 

            We're keeping it low-impact, no-burpees-allowed, super-fun and friendly for EVERY BODY!! 

            March Schedule 

            Classes meet at Dry Creek Trailhead, Clovis CA

            For daily workout information and updates, JOIN us on MEETUP! 


            First Week   Free!


            9:00 am


            9:35 am
            Ground Work


            9:00 am

            HIIT & MIIS
            with Christina



            9:00 am

            Cardio Style KickBoxing



            9:00 am

            Bench Blast
            with Anne and Debbie



            9:00 am 

            HIIT & MIIS


            9:00 am
            Walk It Off 

            9:35 am

            (sticks optional)


            We are taking votes for additional class times. If you would commit to a 6am or 6pm class, please email and let me know!

            What's In It for ME?

            • Unlimited Body-Friendly Fitness Classes

            • Strategically designed classes to ensure total fitness benefits including cardio, muscular conditioning, and core

            • Learn Proper Form to Protect Your Knees and Back

            • Fitness Assessments with Pre and Post Evaluations

            • Camaraderie and Support from Your Coach & Teammates

            • Workouts that WORK for YOU even if you've NEVER worked out!

            • LOWER Your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugars, and Cholesterol

            • Get HEALTHY, Get Toned, Have More ENERGY and Have More Fun!

            • Get Your Confidence Back and Feel GREAT about Being YOU!!

            • Meet Like-Minded People and Make New Fitness Friends

            • Discover Just How Much YOU can ENJOY EXERCISE!!

            jump for joy.png

            It's Time to Put Your HEALTH FIRST

            It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but getting started is the hardest part. Overcome that hurdle by TAKING ACTION right now!


            YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

            Committing to getting more active is an exciting journey that will help you to live healthier and happier for the entire rest of your life!


            It doesn't matter if you are 15 years old or 65 years young... you are taking positive steps to control your blood pressure, decrease your health risks from overweight or obesity, reduce your need for medications with super-scary side-effects, avoid or prolong the development of diabetes, decrease your likelihood of a stroke or heart disease, increase your energy, and feel confident with the body you're in. 

            NOW is YOUR time to claim your POWER over your life, your choices, and your confidence.

            Celebrate and respect your body, your blood, and your brain by fueling it with nutritious foods, and keep it running lean and mean by getting your MOVE ON!


            Love the Body You're In -
            It's the Only One You've Got! 🤗

            Get ready to hit the ground running (or walking)!

            WootWoot!!! Go YOU!

            Start Your New Health Adventure Today!


            As soon as you begin your membership you can start earning BEADS to CASH IN for COOL STUFF!

            • ATTENDANCE - 13 classes in one month for Bead of the Month
              AND a Super-Power Key-Chain Beastie!

            • Bring a Friend Specialty Bead

            • Friend becomes a Member - Specialty Bead

            • Social Media Post / Invitation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok - Specialty Bead

            • Share your VICTORIES (scale or non-scale) - Special BUTTON

            • Earn 20 BEADS for a Drawstring BAG

            • 100 CLASSES in 2022 = NoWalls HUNDO CLUB t-shirt! 

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